About Kevin Mills

Born in Winnipeg, Canada in 1985 to the son of a traveling evangelist, Kevin grew up with his family while traveling/touring churches across North America. His first appearance on stage was at the age of 8, and over the next 15 years Kevin would open for his father as a soloist at countless evangelistic meetings and crusades.

Since then Kevin has toured extensively in the United States, Canada and Overseas. Kevin also continues to work extensively within the music, radio, and voice-over industry. Kevin is currently represented by Song Garden Music Group/Grapevine Records of Nashville. This is the same label that represents such musical greats as the Chuck Wagon Gang, Dixie Melody Boys, Jimmy Fortune (from the Statler Brothers) and more.

Kevin also enjoys maintaining a diverse portfolio of business involvements. Mills Diner & Hive 5 Bees are both companies that were founded and are actively managed by Kevin and Amanda.

Kevin, his wife Amanda and three daughters Brooklyn, Megan & Rebecca currently reside in Rochester, WA.

“It is without hesitation that I recommend my friend Kevin Mills to your church or event.  I have always been a fan of singers with low, rich tones and Kevin is as good as it gets.  With artists like Trace Adkins and Josh Turner selling out huge arenas and having millions of records sold, many of their fans would love to know that there is someone of that vocal caliber. I know that Kevin will exceed your expectations on any event that you schedule him on” – David Staton (Executive Vice President of Song Garden Music Group)

“Kevin Mills has been a nice addition to our library.  A young, strong voice perfect for Country.  He reminds me a lot of Josh Turner.  Truly inspirational” – Matt Born (Program Director, WCMP AM 1350/Cool Country 100.9)

“I’ve known Kevin now for several years and highly recommend his music to you. His voice is a blend of Josh Turner, Trace Atkins and Johnny Cash with a unique twist. His music would be an excellent addition to any entertainment venue. His music inspires and entertains.” – Ray St. Germain (Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame)