Voice Over

Kevin is currently working with Studio Center of Virginia Beach in providing Voice Overs for various applications and mediums. From radio commercials to movie trailers - contact Studio Center and let Kevin give your project  'voice.'


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middle-age, middle-age, storyteller, male, southern, announcer, folksy, non-union, genuine, sincere, friendly, mellow, English, television-commercials, Caucasian, Hampton Roads



middle-age, middle-age, storyteller, male, announcer, folksy, homespun, smooth, non-union, soft-spoken, genuine, English, audio-radio, Caucasian, Hampton Roads


Fast Food

middle-age, middle-age, male, movie-trailer, gritty, non-union, English, attitude, authoritative, tough, audio-radio, Caucasian, Hampton Roads


Waldorf Astoria

middle-age, middle-age, male, folksy, homespun, warm, non-union, soft-spoken, genuine, romantic, friendly, mellow, English, anti-announcer, television-commercials, Caucasian, Hampton Roads


Bargain Town

middle-age, middle-age, male, announcer, retail, non-union, English, television-commercials, Caucasian, Hampton Roads