Butterfly Effect

on Monday, 10 June 2013. Posted in Blog


The Butterfly Effect?

“And your children… shall suffer for your faithlessness” Numbers 14:33

            Edward Lorenz, American mathematician and meteorologist coined the term ‘Butterfly effect.’ In essence it theorizes that small actions today can multiply into very large effects up the road. He theorized that today’s hurricane might have likely been the consequence of a butterfly or seagull flapping its wings weeks earlier.

            Battening down the hatches upon seeing butterflies in our front yard or seagulls in the parking lot remains inconclusive but one things for sure: our actions today do have consequences on tomorrow.

            Motivational speaker and business author John Maxwell states that, “the secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda.” But Numbers 14:33 takes it a step further and implies that your loved one’s success can also rest on your daily agenda. No man is an island and none of our personal decision or actions can go without affecting those we love.

            God not only gave us stewardship over plants and animals, He gave us stewardship over our relationships. Just as a master would expect profits to be made upon leaving his servant in-charge of finances – so God expects us to encourage personal development and growth within the individuals He has granted us stewardship over through the medium of relationships.

            This principle is especially seen in marital or parental relationships. These are among the most intimate relationships entered into by humans. Consequently there exists an even greater responsibility to faithfully steward these relationships and encourage and inspire excellence.

            Numbers 14:33 grants us the realization that our bad conduct today can not only penalize us but also penalize those we love. Lets be faithful and excellent today lest other’s bear the consequences for our mistakes tomorrow.